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Casino Savings LLC is your resource for managing all areas of your business expenses.

Switching to LED lights benefit your business with a higher quality of light and lower operating costs. NO UPFRONT COSTS - NO RISK!

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About Casino Savings LLC


-Wireless Expense Management and M2M. Our platform generates real time email alerts and detailed information on your data, text and minutes use. Providing updates within the current bill cycle, giving us the ability to set up your wireless accounts with the appropriate plans based on your company’s usage. Eliminate overpaying for voice, data, and text and allows detection of potential misuse, make necessary changes, and avoid large overage charges before they are billed. We also provide reporting and cost allocations tools that will reduce cost by saving time in both your accounting and IT departments.

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Food & Beverage

- Casino Savings LLC offers you multi-million dollar buying power for food, beverages, and supplies with no need to switch distributors. We make sure you get the manufacturer rebates and incentives you’ve earned. We provide expertise in distribution management, product sourcing, and administrative support. And we do it all without charging you a dime.

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NO Cost-NO Risk-LED lighting Conversion

- Casino Savings and our partner do the following:
* NO Cash outlay ( no capitol expenditure )    * Engineering   * Installation   * Maintenance   * We own all bulbs Client-( client may buy bulbs at any time prorated use ).
This is a  license agreement-not a purchase, lease or rent-to-own! Client shares % of energy savings with Casino Savings,and its partners.

Tablet Technology for Cage Employees

- ATM’s and Cage Management Software that advances cash to the gaming floor on tablets, making it accessible anytime! Credit card cash advance, POS Debit, Check Guarantee, Capturing digital signatures for greater security, Proactive Void Resolution, Automated Title 31, Beyond PCI Compliance – SHA-512 Encryption. EMV & ADA Compliant with 24/7 Support.


It is the mission of Casino Savings, LLC  to guarantee clients savings on their outlying expenditures. As a group of established business men and women, we understand the value placed not only on time, but on corporate resources as well. we strive to make the most efficient use of those corporate resources by saving time and money for our clients.
Businesses continue to overpay for their wireless services and wireless providers will continue to drive revenue any way they can for their large cellular communication corporations. With our industry knowledge, proactive approach and cutting edge automated systems, Smartel has emerged as one of the leading wireless expense management companies in the country. Our team is constantly adapting and creating new and innovative ways to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry. We listen to our clients, value their feedback and implement the latest most effective business strategies on the market.
Our business was created out of a need to save, with collective years of business experience in multiple areas of industry, we have fostered partnerships that represent the leverage necessary to make a difference. Your success is our success, with this structure in mind Casino Savings LLC was born.  See our team and board of advisory below for more detailed descriptions.

Advantages of our Services:

  • We’ve done all the research to find the best programs, best options, and greatest savings value!

  • Performance Based – You Get Results, or We Don’t Get Paid!

  • Industry Specialized; there is no reason to offer a benefit that isn’t a value proposition.

  • Purchasing Power in Numbers!

Our Valuable Team Members


Bob Baker, BSPresident
Bob is jointly responsible for all aspects of the firm’s strategy, team and operations. Over 45 years of professional sales and marketing experience calling on buyers at the headquarters level. He has successfully managed sales programs for a variety of national and major accounts in all classes of trade. Read More


Ret. Col. Ron Steensland, MLS, USAWCExecutive Vice President
Ron brings to the table over 30 years of successful CEO leadership in a variety of settings. His experience has shown that saving energy is the greenest and usually the most profitable strategy. Becoming more energy efficient is the first step toward reaching sustainability goals. Read More


Nancy Bolt, MLS, SMPStrategic Planning
Nancy has a 30 year career in strategic planning and project development, management, and evaluation. As a strategic planner, she uses the System Thinking Model to move organizations from vision, through mission and needs to goals, and strategies for success. Read More


Paul Steensland, MLSConsultant
Paul Steensland is the Owner and Principal of a full-service industry research and analysis company that provides answers to pressing business questions. He is an information professional with over 15 years experience in researching a diverse mix of industries, products and services. Read More
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Casino Savings LLC is your go-to resource for managing all of your business expenses

Saving you money on food and beverages so you can focus on what really matters: Customer Satisfaction.

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