nancyNancy Bolt, MLS,SMP

Nancy has a 30 year career in strategic planning and project development, management, and evaluation. As a strategic planner, Bolt uses the System Thinking Model to move organizations from vision, through mission and needs to goals, and strategies for success. This planning model looks at an organization or business in its entirety, examining all aspects of its functions and creating a vision for the future. This vision is converted into strategic actions to result in a successful organization. In 2011 she received certification as a Strategic Management Professional from the Association of Strategic Planning. She was the project developer and manager for a large employee certification project including determination of the need, obtaining two grants to fund the development, facilitation of a team to create the standards and procedures for the certification, and initiation of the project moving from zero to 450 candidates in two years. Bolt was the American Project Director for the American Bulgarian Exchange, again moving the project from a concept through funding and implementation. Successful implementation of this grant required interaction with government entities in Bulgaria to convince them to form partnerships with American entities. Using the Systems Thinking Model we worked with Bulgarian entities to look at the environment in which their organizations operate; suggested a vision for them to use in transforming their institutions; worked with them to set goals; build a new structure and strategies for the future. Bolt has worked with international associations and local governments in advocating for US organizations. She travels extensively on behalf of her clients.